Composite Insulator Molding Rubber Injection Molding Machine


main features

  • high quality
  • the machine is capable for molding both long hollow core insulators or long thin rod insulators
  • high safety
  • easy rubber loading to feeding device on safe platform
  • high production efficiency
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Details YL-ATL Series

YL-ATL series RIM is particularly designed for molding composite insulator. According to the product requirement and structure characteristics of the high voltage composite insulator (including hollow core insulator, tension and suspension insulator), the YL-ATL series RIM is designed with clamping cylinder on the top and top mold upward moving mechanism. It is one of the masterpieces in the latest RIM innovation history. The machine can help customers to realize high quality, high safety, and high production efficiency.

Specifications YL-ATL Series

Parameter Unit YL-AT550L YL-AT660L YL-AT880L YL-AT1100L YL-AT1800L
Clamping force kN 5000 6600 8800 11000 18000
Opening stroke mm 700-1000 700-1000 700-1500 700-1000 1000-1500
Injection Volume c.c. 1260 1260 1260 1260 1260
Heating Plate Dim. mm 630x1500 650x1600 1000x1600 800x2600 1000x2600

Accessories YL-ATL Series

3RT Ejector
Bottom mold hydraulic separator
Bottom mold siding device
Cold runner
Hydraulic silicon stuffer
Hydraulic silicon stuffer
Middle mold sliding device
Mold exchange device
Mold turn over device
Slide core pulling device
Top mold hydraulic separator
Variable pump