High-efficiency medical preform production system


main features

  • powerful and easy to use US Barber-Colman controller
  • high speed two step injection unit reducing molding cycle time
  • injection unit with outstanding mixing and synchronized melting functions for high-efficiency plasticizing and shrot cycle time
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Details BOPP Series

Germany made gear pump, branded domestic drive and servo motor that save 20%-60% energy compared to variable displacement pump.Exclusively patented technology:automatic tie bar extraction (optional) that effectively lowers the height of workshop and the cost of building aseptic workshop.

Specifications BOPP Series

Parameter Unit BP-46A2 BP-96A2
Screw diameter mm 95|110 120|130
Injecting Pressure MPa 152|113.4 124.4|106
Shot weight g 2900|3900 4900|5790
Clamping force kN 260 450
Toggle stroke mm 700 880
Mold thickness(Min.-Max.) mm 300 ~ 750 450 ~ 950
Space Between Tie Bars mm 750x750 920x1020
Ejector Stroke mm 200 250
Ejector Force kN 77(142-40) 166
Max. system pressure kg/cm2 175 175
Number of cavity (max.) Piece 48 96
Machine dimensions(LxWxH) m 10x4.8x2.5 12.5x5x2.7

Accessories BOPP Series

Oil Typer Mold Temperature Controller
3 in 1 Compact Dehumifiers Dryer
3 in 1 Heatless Dehumifiers Dryer Energy saving type
Honeycom Rotor Dehumifiers
Single Autoloader
Detachable Autoloader
Detachable Autoloader Open Type
2 in 1 Compact drying autoloader