F.I.L.O Vertical Rubber Injection Molding Machine


caracteristici principale

  • Eficiență ridicată
  • durată lungă de utilizare
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Details YL2-VL Series

YL2-VL series RIM adopts optimum "F.I.L.O" injection system, and breaking through the shackles of the traditional single-cylinder structure, the machine is innovated with fixed three-cylinder balanced injection unit which complies with the RIM development trend. The YL2-VL series machine has the merits as reliable performance, high efficiency and extended service life. It is suitable for the molding of high requirement complex rubber products.

Specifications YL2-VL Series

Parameter Unit YL2-V200L YL2-V250L YL2-V300L YL2-V350L
Forta de prindere kN 2000 2500 3000 3500
Cursa deschiderii mm 480 480 500 570
Injection Volume c.c. 2000 2000 3000 3000
Puterea Totala kW 30 34 36 36
Injection Pressure KGf/cm2 1750 1750 1800 1800
Heating Plate Dim. mm 550x550 550x550 600x650 600x650

Accessories YL2-VL Series

3RT Ejector
Bottom mold hydraulic separator
Bottom mold siding device
Cold runner
Hydraulic silicon stuffer
Hydraulic silicon stuffer
Middle mold sliding device
Mold exchange device
Mold turn over device
Slide core pulling device
Top mold hydraulic separator
Variable pump